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Charge TK. 2.00/day(Excluding VAT+SD_SC) to download 2 FREE contents/day. To subscribe click Download or Type START WAP & send to 16534. To Unsubscribe send STOP WAP to 16534.

Service Name: Solvicore Ltd WAP Service
Service Type: Entertainment

Q. What is Solvicore Ltd WAP Service?
A. Solvicore Ltd WAP Service is a WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) based 
   entertainment service portal.

Q. What is Solvicore Ltd WAP Service Portal Address?
A. http://mobi2fun.co

Q. Why should I subscribe in Solvicore Ltd WAP Service portal?
A. From Solvicore Ltd WAP Service portal, you can enjoy exclusive Songs, 
   Video Clips, Wallpapers, Games, Animations, Ringtones and 
   many more entertainment base services which will full-fill 
   your thirst of entertainment.

Q. How to subscribe to this service?
A. To subscribe Type: START WAP & send to 16534
   or click on Subscribe/Download button.

Q. How to unsubscribe from this service?
A. To unsubscribe Type: STOP WAP & send to 16534
   or click on Unsubscribe button. 

Q. What is the service subscription charge?
A. Your daily subscription fee is TK. 2.00/day(Excluding VAT+SD_SC)
   with 2 free contents per day and it is autorenew.

Q. What is the charge after 2 free content?
A. After 2 free content download you will be
   charged Tk 2 (+VAT,SD,SC) for every next content.

Q. What is the helpline/hotline number for all Operators?
A. Grameenphone: 8801708898564
   Teletalk:     88015
   Banglalink:   88019
Q. What is the time to get the helpline support?
A. 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Q. Is there any email support?
A. Yes. Support email: info@solvicorbd.com

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